Episode Archive

  • Episode #1639: It's a Party in Your Mouth

    We have some gadgets so that you can become the next movie director (with your iPhone), it's a new month and Chad's corner is decided by the patrons, and we get to find out what the heck it is!
  • Episode #1638: A Case for Cinema

    We have the most enjoyable phone case, a way to carry pills and water wherever you go, and the end of the thrift store theme.
  • Episode #1637: A-Salt Weapon

    ‚ÄčIt's our last thrift store week! Dick has two back to school gadgets, Chad has another thrift store item, and also has a gadget warehouse!
  • Episode #1636: In Living 3D Color

    We have a holdover from CE Week, a great gadget for the summer, Chad shows off one of his favorite gadgets ever, and we also head back to the thrift store!
  • Episode #1635: A Pick-up Pickup Truck

    We have gadgets from the Gift Giving Fair and Chad has another gadget from the thrift store!