Episode Archive

  • Episode 1631: Sock It To Me!

    Dick takes a look at new gadgets from CE Week -- a mid-year look at consumer electronics! Chad can't figure out his crappy gadget...
  • Episode 1630: Negg Head

    It's July which means it's a new month! Dick shows off gadgets from the Home Housewares For The Holidays Event and Chad has his gadgets and a warehouse!
  • Episode 1629: Saturday Night Weiner

    This is an episode of last chances! The last 3 gadgets from Digital Experience, the last gadget from pharmacy corner stores, and the last chance to play what the heck is it!
  • Episode 1628: Too Stupid To Pass Up

    Dick has three gadgets from Pepcom Digital Experience, Chad has 2 gadgets from corner pharmacy stores, and your viewer videos!
  • Episode 1627: Brownie Brick

    On this episode, we are taking on the road and the sea (with boating and RV gadgets) and the continuation of the pharmacy theme!