Episode Archive

  • Episode #1652: Worx For Us

    Holiday gift ideas like a cheap way to protect your identity when throwing out documents, a 32 LED Selfie Light & phone charger + an easy way to open frustrating clam-shell packages! And I'll reveal what theme our loyal Patreon members picked as my December theme.
  • Episode #1651: Pill Poppin' Pooch

    We start with a big high-tech entertainment gadget beautifully housed in a really small package. Then Chad shows off the last kitchen gadget for November.
  • Episode #1650: No Place Like Comb

    This week we have three unique gadgets ideas from another Pepcom Event. This one was called Wine, Dine & Demo!
  • Episode #1649: Keep A Cork In it

    This week we have three unique gadgets ideas from CES Unveiled 2018.
  • Episode #1648: Color Me Pink Mustache

    We start the show this week with two unique gadgets from a new event called Fair Play, held at the Javits Center NYC. Chad shows off his iPhone X and the next kitchen gadget.