Episode Archive

  • Episode 1614: Now With More PWN

    On this episode, we have three things with LED's combined, a few ways to help you sleep at night, and of course your wonderful letters!
  • Episode 1613: Just Add Toilet Water

    On this episode, we have the last 3 gadgets from Toy Fair, some things to play with while you're on the toilet, some pianos, and a way to get wet! All next.
  • Episode 1612: Sell By Date Expired

    On this episode, we have some Disney puppets, drones, the new crappy corner theme, and a phone-controlled train!
  • Episode 1611: It Makes Its Own Steam

    Just add water! On this episode we have a product to help you be amazing, a safe and fun smart kart, and it's our last week of Desk Toys! All next.
  • Episode 1610: Insufficient Suckage

    Travel in style with with some clever luggage, pop the cork wherever you are with a portable aerator, and check out this computer than cooks your food! All next on this episode.